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PAL’s Pals Middle School Exhibit

Artist entries are displayed alphabetically. Awards are above name and under image. Click on image to see full size. Back arrow to return to exhibit.

Adeline Ambwani

Hart Middle School, Grade 6
Honeydew is part of a diverse group of vampire characters I have been developing. This a flashback to her in the 1940’s. I liked playing with the time period details like hair and wardrobe.
PALs Pals MS

“Honeydew”, Digital Art

Ridha Awasthi

Junction Ave. K-8, Grade 8
I love bees and think they are very beautiful and fragile creatures. I love that they create honey for us and pollinate flowers. To me it means color and the fragility of  nature.

“Honeydew”, Digital Art

Margo Blair

Junction Avenue K-8 School, Grade 7
I always feel so happy when I’m with my friends, so I wanted a nice, simple drawing that hopefully shows all that friendship has to offer.
PALs Pals MS

“Best Friends”, Pencil

Ellie Bunn

Wells Middle School, Grade 6
Summer – I drew Summer because she reminds me of the sun and in her world. She’s the pixie of the sun, although she often hides behind clouds and that is why we have cloudy days.
PALs Pals MS

“Summer”, Mixed Media

Merit Award

Sneha Chidambaram

Fallon Middle School, Grade 7
My art teacher taught us this new technique of paint pouring which inspired me to create this work. It has a variety of cool colors which makes the end result look very unique and beautiful.
PALs Pals MS

“Splash of Colors”, Acrylic, Merit Award

Sophie De Frenchi

Junction Ave k-8, Grade 7
How I could never draw and eye so then I watercolored one and now they are my fav thing to watercolor.
PALs Pals MS

“Crazy Eye”, Watercolor

Lalima Duddu

Thomas Hart Middle School, Grade 6
My inspiration was doodling, nature and how different things can fit together to create one piece. It shows that nature can be simple, but complex at the same time.
PALs Pals MS

“Birds in Nature”, Pencil Drawing

Cole Gable

East Avenue Middle School, Grade 7
I worked on this piece for an art project for school and enjoy working on realistic humans.  I have been studying art for years now and humans are hard to dry realistically and this is my favorite.
PALs Pals MS

“Her Wondrous Eye”, Pencil Drawing

Merit Award

Samiksha Gudipati

James Garland Walsh Middle School, Grade 8
Pigeon Point is one of my favorite beaches to visit. I have many great memories with friends and family there. This painting is my interpretation of a painting done by Meghana Mitragotri.
Derived from: Pigeon Point Lighthouse by Meghana Mitragotri

“Guiding Light”, Watercolor/Acrylic, Merit Award

Merit Award

Nishka Iyer

Hopkins Junior High, Grade 7
PALs Pals MS

“Avocado”, Watercolor, Merit Award

Best In Show

Jihoo (Catherine) Kim

Fallon Middle School, Grade 8
I have always wanted to try a drawing/art with only 1-2 colors and the different shades of the two colors. It sort of reminded me of someone who might not be able to see all the different colors.
PALs Pals MS

“Limited Colors”, Alcohol Markers, Best in Show

Nidhi Kota

Harvest Park Middle School, Grade 6
I recreated this piece of art for homework for my art class. I like how the bright blue color of the shed contrasts with the grey sky and its gloomy surroundings.
Derived from: Milind Mulick, (No name), 2000

“The Blue Shed”, Colored Pencil

Honorable Mention

Beverley Lam

Thomas Hart Middle School, Grade 6
Because the tenth anniversary of Puella Magi Madoka Magica has recently passed, I felt the need to draw something for this occasion, I am quite happy with the finished product.
Derived from: Reference image of character/character design from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
PALs Pals MS

“Goddess of Hope”, Digital Art, Honorable Mention

Shachi Limaye

Harvest Park Middle School, Grade 8
My sister inspired me to recreate one of the pictures she sent me while she was at the beach.
PALs Pals MS

“Rocks by the Sea”, Digital Art

Anusha Mishra

William Hopkins Junior High, Grade 7
I was inspired by how Abstract art can be made so one day I tried to do it and it Worked…I created a masterpiece.
PALs Pals MS

“Abstract Green”, Acrylic

Honorable Mention

Niharendu Pal

Harvest Park Middle School, Grade 8
I wanted to create this artwork because I like the winter, and farms are one of my favorite places to be. This combines both of them and presents it perfectly.
PALs Pals MS

“Snowy Barn”, Acrylic, Honorable Mention

Merit Award

Harini Penumuchu

Thomas S. Hart Middle School, Grade 8
I first sketched this picture a long while after I had to let Tokyo go. I am so glad I did, because everyday, this picture reminds me that I can’t take my loved ones for granted.
PALs Pals MS

“Good Boy, Tokyo!”, Colored Pencil, Merit Award

Honorable Mention

Angela Qian

Diablo Vista Middle School, Grade 8
This piece was inspired by a photo taken over a Chinese lake. I love how it looks and how the trees frame the scene. This painting is a way to honor my heritage and to display its natural beauty.
PALs Pals MS

“Serene Lake”, Oil Painting, Honorable Mention

Mahi Rathod

Harvest Park Middle School, Grade 6
The springs flower inspired me to create this artwork. This means there is one lonely flower which is bright pink and the only one remaining.
PALs Pals MS

“The Lonely Flower”, Acrylic

Arwen Shen-Xie 

Sunol Glen, Grade 7
The other day around sunset, a peacock flew over and lay on our roof, and it was a beautiful scene.  I was so amazed and want to keep this moment, so I took a picture and painted this piece later.
PALs Pals MS

“Peacock in the Moon”, Acrylic

Smrithi Sriram

Pleasanton Middle School, Grade 7
I was drawn to creating this work because of the realistic effect, and I figured it would be a good challenge for myself. I especially love the eyes, and how the kitten looks right at you.
PALs Pals MS

“Cat in a Cup”, Color Pencil

Kiara Tadeusz

Junction K-8 Livermore, Grade 7
I decided to do this piece of artwork because butterflies are my favorite animal and they have such a meaning to me.My grandma tells me if I see a white butterfly its of a family member that passed.
PALs Pals MS

“Butterfly”, Watercolors, Sharpie

Honorable Mention

Lauren Tran

Pleasanton Middle School, Grade 8
The cherry blossom tree is a symbolic, purifying flower of the fleeting nature of life. Since this is the start of a new year, I thought that it would symbolize a time of renewal.
PALs Pals MS

“Cherry Blossom Moonlight”, Acrylic, Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Sydney Yang

Sunol Glen Unified District, Grade 6
This artwork was inspired by an orange raincoat I saw, I decided to draw a drawing, with the orange raincoat I saw. This drawing means a lot, and it reminds me of a rainy day with the orange raincoat.
Derived from: Anime boy in red hoodie, Satoh Ayako
PALs Pals MS

“Orange Raincoat”, Marker, Honorable Mention

Merit Award

James Zhang

Dorris Eaton School, Grade 6
2020 is a crazy year with so many things happening. In this artwork, I put coronavirus, masks, Trump, Biden, doctor, house, computer, protests, rockets, vaccines, youtube, discord, and zoom.
PALs Pals MS

“My 2020”, Mixed Media, Merit Award

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