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PAL’s Pals High School Exhibit

Artist entries are displayed alphabetically. Awards are above name and under image. Click on image to see full size. Back arrow to return to exhibit.

Ria Dadia

Dublin High School, Grade 10
This piece was created because of my gratitude towards my friends and family. The different eyes superimposed on my self-portrait represent points of view I gained through relationships with others.
PALs Pals HS

“Viewpoint”, Watercolor

Joe Dai

Amador Valley High School, Grade 10
During the summer of 2020, the pandemic had just broken out, so I resorted to Grand Theft Auto as an escape from reality. My friends and I would always hang at the Diamond, giving it a special place in my heart.
Derived From: The Diamond Casino And Resort from Grand Theft Auto V
PALs Pals HS

“The Diamond Casino And Resort”, Colored Pencil

Yiquan Feng
Monte Vista High School, Grade 10
We learned greenhouse effect in chemistry, and I did more research on it and global warming got my attention. Earth Day was getting close when I created this piece, it inspired me to create this work.
PALs Pals HS

“Earth Day”, Digital Art

Anokhi Ghiya

Dougherty Valley High School, Grade 11
I was inspired to paint a picture of sunflowers because of what it symbolizes. A sunflower represents happiness, which is what life is all about. Being happy no matter what
PALs Pals HS

“Happiness blooms from within”, Oil Painting

Honorable Mention

Subrahmanian Hari

Dougherty Valley High School, Grade 11
I have been watching many martial arts movies lately, with famous figures such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, and I felt inspired to pay homage to arguably the greatest martial artist of all time.
Derived from: Unknown photographer, Bruce Lee, 1960-1965 Description: Bruce Lee preparing for a one inch punch
PALs Pals HS

“One Inch from Disaster”, Pencil, Honorable Mention

Best in Show
Larissa Hom
Amador Valley High School, Grade 11
My artwork explores the influence of music and its relaxing and healing nature. The rhythm of music gives peace of mind and a way to help cope and escape the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.
PALs Pals HS

“Cadence”, Gouache, Best in Show

Sreevishnupriya Jayaprakash

Amador Valley High School. Grade  11
While stuck inside the four walls of a room we tend to forget the vivid colors and beauty nature has to offer. Restricted from the outside world sometimes we are tempted to keep surreal views a secret.
Derived from: Joni Young Art, A Secret Garden
PALs Pals HS

“A Secret Garden”, Acrylic

Ishita Kottakota

Amador Valley High School, Grade 9
This painting shows a spaceman trying to get used to this new environment trying to find him way back home. It is just like everyone in the world right now trying to get back to normal life.
Derived from: Serena Art, Spaceman Looking for Earth, 2019.
PALs Pals HS

“Spaceman looking for earth”, Acrylic

Honorable Mention

Kaitlin Miller

Amador Valley High School, Grade 9
This is my personally created character: Elnia, and her favorite cow, Mucca. I created Elnia as my main character in a novel that I am writing.
PALs Pals HS

“Elnia+Mucca”, Digital Art, Honorable Mention

Merit Award

Risa Mohapatra

Waubonsie Valley High School, Grade 10
I recreated a piece that shows off the natural beauty of a woman. This painting highlights the girls radiant melanin and contrasts it with the calming scenery which adds to its angelic affect.
Derived from: Daniel F. Gerhartz, Blossom, unknown year
PALs Pals HS

“Blossom Acrylic”, Acrylic Paint, Merit Award

Gauri Nandita

Irvington High School, Grade 10
I watched a new television series starring Elizabeth Olsen called Wandavision. The show was amazing to watch and led me to create this drawing of her.
PALs Pals HS

“Elizabeth Olsen Portrait”, Charcoal and pencil

Merit Award

Neha Narayanam

Valley Christian High School, Grade 9
Tribute to nurses who work tirelessly in the pandemic. The drawing shows a weary nurse resting in the middle of her shift, dreaming of people gathering together again someday.
Derived from: A photograph of a nurse taking a nap in an NIH article.
PALs Pals HS

“Hopeful”, Color pencil, Merit Award

Nishtha Pal

Amador Valley High School, Grade 11
This painting is inspired by the old Pleasanton Railway Station and I’m inspired by the city’s old architecture, every time I passed the mural in Peters Avenue I was fascinated with it.
Derived from: Inspiration from wall art in Pleasanton downtown.
PALs Pals HS

“Pleasanton Railway”, Acrylic

Honorable Mention

Maha Parsons

Amador Valley High School, Grade 11
I was inspired to paint this when I was in Carmel by the Sea. I started painting one of the many fairytale cottages in the town and made it look like it was secluded in a forest.
PALs Pals HS

“Cottage in the Woods”, Watercolor, Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Shreya Elena Patro

Happy Valley Art School, Grade 9
Laying our hands into the ocean might give us pleasure but it is what is killing Barrens Top minnows. I created this artwork so more people can be aware of this endangered species and save their lives.
PALs Pals HS

“The Twin Fish”, Pencil, Watercolor, Honorable Mention

Sharva Prabhavalkar

Mission San Jose High School, Grade 9
During the time of starting this piece it was fall. During that time, there is a blend of several colors. To show this, I wanted to make a relaxing and soothing painting of a tree hanging over a lake.
PALs Pals HS

‘Fall’s Reflection”, Oil

Hira Raghavan

Foothill High School, Grade 11
Normally, I enjoy painting landscapes and ocean scenes, and I haven’t had much experience in still life painting. However, I wanted to try a new style of painting and challenge myself.
Derived from: Copied from: Joe Anna Arnett, Spring/Hydrangea, Oil on linen, “29*24”
PALs Pals HS

“Spring”, Acrylic

Lakshmi Sajith

Amador Valley High School, Grade 11
The Eurocentric beauty standards tend to be preferred over a diverse multitude of non European features. The term “exotic” is used to describe someone with ethnic features giving off racist undertones.
PALs Pals HS

“Exotic”, Oil, Acrylic

Avigna Shankar

Dublin High School, Grade 9
I found an image of a dessert with a camel on the app “Paint By Number – Coloring Book” and thought that it would be a great painting if done in my style. For me personally, it means facing harsh obstacles for success.
Derived from: This piece is inspired by an image found in a mobile game titled “Paint By Number – Coloring Book”
PALs Pals HS

“A Desert of Color”, Acrylic

Saesha Sharda

Amador Valley High School, Grade 9
Watching the golden and orange sunset of the Golden Gate Bridge absolutely inspired me to create my own take on the breathtaking landscape.
Derived from: It is based on a photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge during sunset.
PALs Pals HS

“Golden Sky from Golden Gate”, Acrylic on Canvas

Merit Award

Siddhi Shinde

Granada High School, Grade 9
I drew a pencil rendition of this photograph because the image had interesting dynamics between shadow and light, the composition also adding to a captivating piece which spoke to its name, “Boycott.”
Derived from: Kiki Xue, Boycott, Photograph, 2015
PALs Pals HS

“Boycott”, Pencil. Merit Award

Tess Shotland

The Athenian School, Grade 11
This piece was inspired by stargazing, I love the feeling of looking up at the sky and feeling so small and so in awe. I also wanted to use colors that remind me of the energy night gives.
PALs Pals HS

“Blue Night”, Digital Art

Ammu Sreekumar

Mission San Jose High School, Grade 10
I wanted to create this art piece with a bird perched on a sunflower because I have always been fond of nature, and birds and flowers are some of my favorite things to draw.
PALs Pals HS

“Bird Perched on Flower”, Pencil

Aditi Venkatraman

Prospect High School, Grade 11
I was inspired to try using acrylic to paint still life for the first time by the items in my kitchen, which is why I chose to paint this piece.
PALs Pals HS

“Lemons and the Vase”, Acrylic

Merit Award

Helen Wang

Dougherty Valley High School, Grade 11
I free styled it with the idea of chasing a dream that’s not what it seems to be. I used soft pastel colors with marker and colored pencil to invoke a feeling that’s both dreamy and artificial.
PALs Pals HS

“Chasing Dreams”, Mixed Media, Merit Award

Honorable Mention

Catie Xun

Foothill High School, Grade 10
This piece is the portrayal of how I experience self expression and emotions. On the left symbolizing how I may mask my feelings owns parts of my identity, the right showing my true self.
PALs Pals HS

“Morph”, Oil Painting, Honorable Mention

Merit Award

Cindy Zhou

Dougherty Valley High School, Grade 11
I was inspired by the recent hate crimes, and I wanted to show how as a teenager I had the power to speak up for myself, my family and my culture through social media.
PALs Pals HS

“My Way”, Acrylic Paint, Merit Award

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