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Before Filling Out 17th Annual Members’ Show Online Form 

Have you read the 17th Annual Fall Members’ Show Prospectus?

Please note regarding your entry: If the outside frame or substrate material exceeds size: 48” x 48” or is heavy, please contact Show Chair George Garbarino (925) 998-6840.

Are you a member of PAL?

Membership is required. If not a member, become a member HERE

You will be asked to upload an image of your entry. The image will be used for publicity, a concurrent online Members’ Show and to show images of the winning entries once the show is judged. 

Regarding your image: Is your image in format .jpeg or .jpg and only of the artwork itself (and not artwork and frame)? Are they the right size?

Your image will look better on the website if it is 1200 pixels on the longest side (see examples below). Entered images greater than 1200 px on the longest side will be resized to 1200 px on the longest side. You will not be allowed to upload images greater than 2 MB. By resizing correctly before uploading, you save on committee time, email size and server space.

Longest side vs image size:  Click on a thumbnail to view image. The captions below the images are the number of pixels of the longest side. Would you want the judge to view your artwork at 300 px, 400 px, or even 800 px when other artworks will be 1200 px? Unfortunately, you cannot resize up. If you only have a small image of your artwork, you will need to take another photograph or take a chance that the judge will be able to see beyond its smaller size.

Have you renamed your image to LastnameFirstname_title (for example: SmithJohn_SeaView.jpg)?

You can abbreviate the title if necessary, but it is important we can identify your image as yours. 

Can you easily locate your image for uploading?

If you can answer “yes” to above questions,

click HERE for Online Entry form.