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Paint Pleasanton 2020 by Artist

To view an art work full size simply click on it. Artists are ordered alphabetically by last name.

Karen Barry

I’m a printmaker. I’m inspired by my outdoors treks, places near and far; hiking, cycling, and my interest in old historical buildings. I want to suspend a moment in time, in the distant past, yesterday, or maybe tomorrow. And I like shoes.

Email: Phone: (510) 825-6416 Website:

Christine Bourg

Email: Phone: (925) 846-9721

Wei Ting Chuang

My art is inspired by nature and is based on oriental philosophy. I use a variety of media to share the beauty of life which has touched my heart.

Email: Phone: (510) 221-7890  Website:

Rebecca Davies

Email: Phone: (925) 556-9846

Leta Eydelberg

Source material for my paintings are my photographs, as well as imagination and memories. I love walking in forests and walking in the streets of old cities.
I use acrylic and watercolor paints.

Email: Phone: (650) 238-7509 Website:

Carissa Fei

An illustrator graduate from SF Academy of Art university, Carissa has painted a Concord utility box that is sponsored by Congressman Tim Grayson and a mural for her uncle. She has made costumes for cosplay, and character designs.

Email: Phone: (925) 849-2388

George Garbarino

I have been creating art for over 50 years. I spent 35 years as a classroom Fine Arts instructor in Fremont, California. I show my watercolors, drawings, pastel, oil and acrylic paintings, and photography in the Tri-Valley area.

Email: Phone: (925) 998-6840

Linda Garbarino

Linda is a classic style artist focusing on portraiture, figure study and landscape.
Her preferred mediums are combinations of watercolor, pastel, and colored pencil. Art degrees from CCAC, CSU studying under Mel Ramos, Pop Artist.

Email: Phone: (510) 599-1033

Glenyse Henschel

I’ve always loved the Meadowlark Dairy. Been in Pleasanton at least since I was a kid. To me the Meadowlark sign means Pleasanton. I wasn’t planning on painting that night but as I was driving by I had to stop and try my hand at a nocturne.

Email: Website:

Carolyn Lord

Email: Phone: (925) 447-5134 Website:

Meghana Mitragotri

As a Watercolor Artist, I draw inspiration from quaint countryside landscapes & flowers. The versatility of water inspires me to create movement, hues, textures in realistic and impressionistic styles. For me, painting is therapeutic.

Email: Phone: (630) 520-2010 Website:

Maitrayi Pithadiya

Email: Phone: (510) 648-1400 Website:

Bill Potter

I hope you enjoy my image and the other works in the show.

Email: Phone: (925) 895-8116

Judy Rice

Degree in Commercial Art. Worked as a Graphic Designer for 23 years. Mostly work in watercolor and acrylic. I love the flow of watercolor. My paintings are eclectic as far as style and subject. I am also an author and illustrator of childrens’ books.

Email:  Phone: (925) 443-4555 

Monique Rardin Richarson

Email: Phone: (925) 785-1053 Website:

Nancy Roberts

Plein air painter Nancy Roberts is known for her bold color, dynamic design and inventive, slightly quirky style. Her crisp lines and joyful color put a fresh new spin on the landscape tradition.

Email: Website

Carol Salerno

Email: Phone: (925) 872-3155

Charlotte Severin

I am an award winning Pleasanton Artist And teacher for The City of Pleasanton for 27 years and Past President of PAL

Email: Phone: (925) 846-6382

John Tullis

After getting my Art degree in Graphic Design I worked as a designer & manager in the printing industry 40 years. 15 years ago I took up oil painting and since retiring I’ve been enjoying the challenges & rewards of plein air! Instagram:@jaycangram

Email: Phone: (925) 381-2983 Website:

Alka Vaidya


Jill Vellinger

Jill loves capturing light and color. She primarily uses pastels and enjoys the vibrancy they create. In order to stay sane during Covid, she has been wandering the streets of Pleasanton and painting as much as she can.


Marti Walker

Primarily a plein-air artist, I am drawn to land/sea/city scapes. I love the immediacy required to capture the essence of a scene in the limited-time changing light.

Email: Website:

Lorraine Wells

As a California native I love our fluid and constantly changing landscape that I try to capture with watercolor.

Email: Phone: (925) 833-1049 Website: