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Lily Xu


Water Holy and Pure

Water Holy and Pure

Tradition and abstraction are both visible in work of Lily Xu. Lily Xu is a fourth-generation artist who at an early age was nurtured by her artist grandparents to develop her passion in classic Chinese style paintings. She uses Chinese watercolor methods to create striking work ranging from large landscapes that take days to complete to very small ones that involve only a few well-placed brush strokes on the rice paper. She follows the tradition of Chinese paintings — using elements of nature as the primary subject — but some of her recent work, though still graceful and serene, is more abstract. Lily’s interest in art led her to the Beijing University, where she studied Chinese literature and fine art. She believes that her interest in Chinese literature would be helpful to better understand Chinese fine art. Following the training in Chinese literature and fine arts at Beijing University, Lily practiced journalism before pursuing her art career fulltime. After immigrating to the United States in the early 90s, she studied western painting techniques which helped her further develop her skills. Lily is very active in the art community. To promote Asian art and culture, she organized and participated many art shows and culture events. She was founder and president of Austin Chinese Fine Arts Society. She moved to Livermore with her family in 2004 after living in New Jersey, Michigan and Austin, Texas. Lily’s work is now part of many private and corporate collections across the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, included Austin Children’s Museum, Asian Study Center of the University of Texas, Austin Asian American Cultural Center, The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas, Austin Public Libraries (Howson Library, Hampton Library and Yarbrough Library). Lily’s work is for sale through galleries, group shows, art festivals and home studio in Livermore. For more information about the artist and her work, please contact her through e-mail at, or by phone 925-980-1005. You can see more of Lily’s work at

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