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Galina  V.  Volkova



“Self Portrait 2022” by Galina Volkava

Artist whose work involves concepts of hope, harmony and humanity based on Spirituality as a Foundation of Art.  Art, in all its manifestations, should serve the self-knowledge of man purpose, – she believes and implements as a credo in her artwork.

Oil is her primarily medium, although she is experimenting with mixed media as well including watercolor, ink, pastels and tempera.

She was born to a family that appreciated Visual Arts, inherited drawing skills from her father, and grew up at the Museum of Fine Art in her hometown.  She was studying Art from various artists of her choice suitable for a certain idea she was pursuing or project focusing on in her native country and abroad.  Formal education included public and private Art courses and classes in the San Francisco Bay Area during her employment for the University of California at Berkeley.

She joined the Pleasanton Art League (PAL) in 2015 and currently held memberships within the Alliance for the Visual Arts (AVA), Tri-Valley Art Studio Tour (TVAST), California Watercolor Association (CWA), and Tehama County Art Council (TCAC).  She was also affiliated with the Fremont Art Association, Livermore Art Association, and Alamo Danville Artists Society.  

Currently she is working on augmentation of her collection in floral painting, portraits, landscapes and choreographic silhouettes using various techniques and approaches.

She wishes her schedule could accommodate more artwork on commission basis, but between teaching Art, Mathematics and Computer Science courses and Data Analytics consulting, and besides painting and current status as the exhibiting artist, it’s still extremely tight.

Her paintings could be found at the G7 Art Studio in Northern California, and in private collections nationwide (CA, PA, NJ, FL, UT and TX) and in Western Europe (Germany and Italy).