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Azar Vaghefi

Acrylic, oil, mixed media, collage techniques, pottery, ceramic sculpture



gallery_vaghefiPainting has been my passion all my life. I create work that emote using color, lines, shapes and textures. I also use mixed media and collage techniques in my art. The goal in my paintings is to capture the essence of my subject, whether portrait, still life or landscape. I fell in love with clay in 2009. I realized that I can be more creative using clay and glaze as my tools. The therapeutic and soulful essence of ceramics art deeply influenced me and clay became my obsession. I make sculptures inspired by cultural tribes in the world that fascinate me. I also like to create expressionistic, abstract and whimsical pieces.
Graduating from Tehran Academy of Art, got my PHD in Istanbul, Turkey. I had a number of exhibitions all over Iran Turkey and the USA. I live and exhibit in California.