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Olga Symonenko

Soft pastel






“Morro Rock Beach” by Olga Symonenko

Olga was born and raised in Ukraine.

She enjoyed painting at an early age. Olga graduated from art school but took a long break from painting to earn a degree in Computer science. She established a career in IT and moved to the United States.

A few years ago, Olga accidentally discovered soft pastels; it inspired her and became her passion. Olga has since taken a number of serious online courses at the Russian Art School. She has attended workshops by Richard McKinley, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Alain Picard, Aaron Schuerr, Tony Alain, and Albert Handell. Each of these artists has furthered her ability and desire to paint. Olga also does oils and watercolors, but soft pastels are her true love. 

Olga is a member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, Pleasanton Art League, and Alamo Danville Artists’ Society. Olga has participated in a few local and online art shows.

Olga loves the beauty found in nature and strives to share it in her paintings.