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Nancy Storch

Watercolor/Acrylic/Mixed Media

“I’ve always been an artist. For me, creating things visual is a form of problem solving leading to new insights. It provides a way to observe the world around me, to enjoy nature, to explore ideas and feelings, and to be in touch with what is most me. My life has included many other endeavors (going to school, having a successful career, raising a family). Throughout it all, art has been my anchor. Creating provides challenges, opportunities to learn about other artists and their art, and fun exploring new techniques and media. It’s a joy to be with others who also like art and a pleasure to share what I’ve learned with my students. Beyond teaching design, drawing and painting fundamentals, I encourage creativity and development of individual style.

Nancy Storch is a life-long artist who exhibits her paintings primarily in the San Francisco East Bay areas of Pleasanton, Livermore and Dublin. She works in many media, including watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oil and ink.  She started painting at age 12, studying on an 4-year art scholarship at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. Nancy double majored in art and mathematics at the University of Washington. Along with a career in software engineering that included computer graphics, she continued studies in figure, plein-air watercolor, mixed media, pastel and sculpture.
Nancy has been teaching art for more than 10 years. Currently she teaches children in small classes, with lessons tailored to the interests and needs of the students. She has also taught adult art classes in her studio and at Las Positas Community College Art Education. She is a member of the Livermore Art Association and Pleasanton Art League.

Visit her website at You can also contact her by email at