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Mary Denmark Stein

Acrylic on Canvas



Instagram: @marydenmarkart


“Angular Arrangement” by Mary Denmark Stein

My name is Mary Denmark Stein, and I am a self-taught abstract artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I picked up a paint brush for the first time in October 2017 and have learned much along the way about painting and about myself. Without a formal art education, I am considered an outsider in the art world, but I am undeterred. I continue to explore different techniques, practices, and mediums, and have embraced the process of artistic growth. Painting has been a rebirth of my individuality, separate from my husband and my children, separate from my responsibilities as a wife and mother. It’s given me an outlet to express emotions that are all too often stifled by daily life. My paintings tend to be bold, bright, and full of life.

My husband Ben is a former Navy fighter pilot, and together we have two young boys. After moving around quite a bit while he was on active duty, we are happily settled in the state in which we first met (in a bar—the old fashioned way). We absolutely love everything the Bay Area has to offer. I am originally from Orange County, New York and have also lived in Florida, Maryland, and Virginia. It’s been a great adventure, but now I’m happy to call California home.