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SeongMi (Vicky) Seol

Mixed Media on Panel



 I am a passionate artist; I have always had an enthusiastic and resilient approach to learning and a desire to broaden my knowledge across many disciplines. As a responsible individual and an artist, I have always been driven to determine my own path.   I am a self-motivated artist who wants to maximize her knowledge and expertise as much as humanly possible. 
            I work in mixed media and my art expresses the human spirit through living forms. In art, I am exploring universal human sentiment. Under the color’s breath, movement and structure, expressing one’s essence and vitality. Color escapes from my paintings affecting the mood of normal living space.  I am challenged to expose more than their subject’s physicality. I am here also to express spiritual and metaphysical depth. Texture creates extra-dimensionality to visual art. My painting process is very slow and the touch is light because every single brush stroke imbues my painting with my energy. I work with different media to convey each ideas and concepts in most accurate way possible. My most frequent subjects are of human life, desire, time, space, and humanity. These things are so near us, but we keep them hidden until it is time for the final confrontation. Our life is not perfect, and there is such a struggle and disorder that we cope with each day. Existence becomes conflict in a perfect universe, a conflict that births awareness and creates the necessity for the spiritual. I am always searching for a newer and greater freedom through painting. I bring creation to its own end. In creation, I am unlimited and free. The creative mind mimics flowing water, with ideas always passing and shifting, becoming shapeless, then whole, then shapeless again. It is the capturing of these ideas, and giving them permanence, that has kept me fascinated and charmed.