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Zelda Kohn

Watercolor, oil, ink and mixed

Contact info: 925.202.6373,

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Zelda Kohn

Zelda lived in Kishinev, Moldova for the first 17 years of her life.  In America, she mostly resided in Boston area of Massachusetts and then moved to Pleasanton, California with her husband to join her son and his growing family.

She was working in high tech and management consulting until 2006, then she went on exploring and learning other things she always wanted to do, like taking architecture and interior design courses at Boston Architectural Colledge; drawing, painting and sculpture courses at Museum of Fine Arts; etc.  To support her studies and experimentations in interior design field she started her real estate business, did some interior design and development projects and found the way to use all the acquired skills to assist her clients and contribute to local community in the way she enjoys.

Over the years she was working with various media, including pastels, oil, acrylic, ink and sculpture.  Lately, her focus has been on the watercolor media, which she loves and considers it to be one of the most challenging media to master. 

Zelda says: “Art has always been my muse, my hideaway, my recharge, and my love.  The way the music awakens dancer’s moves, the liquid color flowing on the paper tunes me in to an art expression.  I love watercolors, its translucency enchants me and I like painting with it anything that inspires me from portraits to flowers, landscapes, homes and jazz scenes.  I can never seem to get tired of looking at a watercolor painting, even if has been on my wall for a very long time.”