Ruzanna Kirakosyan

Mixed Media

Ruzanna was born and grew up in Armenia. Since early childhood she showed interest in drawing, painting and sculpting.

Having a full time job as a dentist in her home country she could always dedicate some of her free time to her artistic hobbies. Several years ago, she found some works created by the technique called ribbon embroidery in the magazine. It was something new to her and inspired by what she’s seen, she decided to try it by all means. Later she discovered that working with ribbons gives her a large field for creativity.   She is also experimenting with the use of beads, fabrics, acrylics and natural materials to achieve volume and texture in her 3D compositions.

She finds her inspiration in the beauty of nature-colorful landscapes and marvelous flowers.

Ruzanna has had several exhibitions of her works in Yerevan, Armenia.

She recently moved to bay area with her family. She is very happy to become a PAL member and get involved into local community’s artistic and cultural life.