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Marion Huff

Watercolor, Acrylics, Mixed Media

My love of art began in kindergarten when I applied blue poster paint over a colorful undersea world I had drawn with crayons. Suddenly, my fish and weeds glowed through a sea of blue due to the magic of crayon wax resisting water-based paint. Since then, the process of art has fascinated me, and my life has been filled with learning more about art and even trying to curb my disappointment at not having an art-oriented career.

While growing up, I spent hours paging through books on Impressionist art from the Art Institute of Chicago. Later, during trips to Europe, I viewed original works of my favorite artists in museums such as the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Kandinsky Museum in Munich. I even attended a Venice Biennale.

My catch as catch can art training began at nine years while camping outside Dove Creek, CO. My geologist father was mapping there during the Uranium Rush of the 1950s, and my family would often drive into town for a burger at the Geiger Counter Café. We were intrigued by the café’s sign, which appeared professionally painted and really stood out against what usually passed for store signs in Dove Creek. The proprietor told us it was painted by an abstract artist who was stranded in town with a broken-down car. The artist, a Mr. Merriam, was teaching art at a local school to earn enough to resume his trip East. Outgoing and charming, Mr. Merriam had collected leftover house paint and out of date newspapers from all over town. During lessons with Mr. Merriam, we learned to roll a house paint background on newspaper, mix other housepaint to pour onto our background, and then watch the resulting image magically change as the mixed paints rose and fell during drying.

During college, science labs interfered with art studios so I started the Elbbrics (scribble backwards) School of Art on a “Saturday night which was and will remain dateless.” Anyone can be a part of this school simply by making a scribble on a piece of paper and filling in the interesting spaces created by the scribble with different colors. You will learn a lot about art – particularly abstract art – with this simple exercise. Since college, I have taken evening classes and workshops. I learned Chancery Cursive calligraphy from David Goines, a famous Berkeley print maker. I studied Easel Painting with Louise Smith at the Berkeley UC Adult School and Personal Color Design at Color Style in Palo Alto. I took watercolor classes with Guy Diehl at Las Positas and workshops with such famous artists as Barbara Nechis, Frank Webb, Robert Burridge, Michelle Cassou, Birgit O’Connor, Dale Lattinen, Jeannie Vodden, Chuck Rouse, Stephen Berry, and Tom Lynch. I’ve also attempted to escape computer programming (which I also loved) by designing hand-painted purses and starting a business called Wave Transformation Technologies combining my love of art with my interest in meditation and REIKI hands-on-healing.

Fortunately, my husband Arnie shares my love of art, and our walls are filled with art calendars, photos by Jeffrey Becom and paintings by Jim Bertram and Mireille Morency-Lay. All in all, my interest in art has brought an incredible richness to my life.