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Jen Huber

Acrylic, Watercolor, and Mixed Media
Facebook: Jenhuberette
Jen Huber paints acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media paintings from life and from her head. Educated in Fine Arts at UniversityofCalifornia, Santa Cruz, her work originally slanted toward classical and representational style, whether capturing landscapes, still lifes or portraits. Her art has appeared in restaurants and cafes throughout the Bay Area, including Hobee’s in Palo Alto and the Coffee Society in Cupertino. After living in California most of her life, she moved with her husband to Baltimore, MD, for eight years, where she traded the golden hills and open spaces for streets lined with brownstones, shaded sidewalks, gas stations, and McDonald’s. The Lisa Coscino gallery in Pacific Grove picked up her work at this time. Once she had three sons, two years apart from each other, she found little time for painting. Fortunately, the boys eventually went to school and Jen Huber began to paint again. However, her art had changed. Dinosaurs, dragons, and fantastical creatures had crept into some of her work. Although her sons have moved on from their childhood interests, their influence can be seen in some of her paintings to this day. In 2018, Jen Huber painted the utility box, “Kite Day”  for the City of Dublin. Check out Jen huber’s art, both the tasteful, classical, work and her whimsical paintings at her website: