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Gene Gracey


Painted Pink Tulip

Painted Pink Tulip

Gene Gracey is a San Francisco native who has had a calling toward outdoor, Nature and Wildlife, photography since childhood.  That calling, coupled with an ongoing love for the outdoor world, has led her down a path of new discoveries and has ignited a passion to explore the great wonders of the colors and life that nature provides us.

Before being able to pursue this passion, Gene spent many years as a Registered Dietitian with a focus on Clinical Nutrition.  She has worked as a Dietitian and a Clinical Nutrition Manager in many locations in the Bay Area.  After leaving this career, she moved on to Financial Planning and was with Massmutual Life Insurance Co. for several years.

A true appreciation for the treasures in her own backyard speaks to the volume of her works celebrating the photographic opportunities that surround her in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Like any artist, however, she welcomes inspiration from every source.  Her muse is the natural world itself, and so she travels, whenever possible, to explore and capture in vibrant images the endless beauty on the horizon or at her feet.

Her work has been  seen on the cover of a local magazine produced quarterly, by the Vallejo Herald. She is also, currently on display at Art Exhibits at the Blackhawk Gallery, showing a brand new show every 10 weeks.  She also participates, as a vendor, in 14  – 16 Art Festivals in and around the Bay Area every summer.  Memberships include: Alamo Danville Artist Assoc., Livermore Artis Assoc., Pleasanton Artists League, Diablo Valley Photography Group, and East Bay Digital Photography Group.

Through her photographs and gift items, she wants to share what she sees through her “Looking Glass” with those who have an appreciation for nature, but not always enough time to indulge.  She has enjoyed learning to capture a new perspective of the natural magic that surrounds us and hopes others will find some joy while looking through …Nature’s Looking Glass.

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