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PAL Recognized and Received Art Proclamation in 2023

The Pleasanton Art League was thrilled to receive a Proclamation from Pleasanton Mayor Karla Brown and City Council Members at the City Council Meeting on April 18, recognizing April 2023 as Arts, Culture & Creativity Month. The Proclamation was presented to PAL President Meghana Mitragotri, PAL’s Pals Show Chair Rekha J0shi, PAL’s Pals Committee member Reena Babu and PAL Workshop Chairs Linda & George Garbarino.Our heartfelt thanks to the Alameda County Arts Commission and Californians for the Arts for initiating this arts advocacy.
To honor and celebrate this month, PAL organized PAL’s Pals Youth Art Show for Middle and High School Students at Pleasanton’s Stoneridge Shopping Center.

Picture at the San Ramon Art Summit:

Dennis Baker (AVA President), Meghana Mitragotri (PAL President), Vanessa Thomas (DAC Co-Founder), Adam Chow (Recreation Supervisor, City of San Ramon), Christine Watters (LAA President) & Ranjini Venkatachari (AAC City of San Ramon) (Image Credit: City of San Ramon) More information about the event can be found on Dublin Patch in the article Arts Summit held in the City of San Ramon.

View Dublin Patch article HERE.




PAL Recognized and Received Art Proclamation in 2022

PAL Recognized and Received Art Proclamation at City Council Meeting for the second time in 2022! It was an honor to represent the Pleasanton Art League and accept an Art Proclamation to recognize October 2022 as National Arts and Humanities Month at the Pleasanton City Council meeting with Mayor Karla Brown and City Council members on October 18; this Proclamation was shared with the Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council (PCAC) . A big THANK YOU to the PAL Board, members, volunteers, and partners for all the support. Heartfelt thanks to the Alameda County Arts Commission for initiating art advocacy at all City Levels. The meeting was broadcast live on Channel 29 and YouTube. Watch PAL President Meghana Mitragotri’s acceptance speech (49 minutes 52 seconds into the meeting)

November 2022 Portfolio

Photo credit: Chuck Deckert. From the left: Councilmember Kathy Narum, Vice Mayor Valerie Arkin, Councilmember Julie Testa, PAL President Meghana Mitragotri, PCAC President Kelly Cousins, Mayor Karla Brown, and Councilmember Jack Balch.