Bulletin Board


PAL Workshops, to be rescheduled later in 2021 Nancy Roberts’ Energized Color and Design for Acrylic Painters; originally scheduled for Sept 12 & 13, 2020 Lian Qhan Zhen’s, Watercolors & Chinese Painting; originally scheduled for February 6 & 7, 2021

LAA Essential Figure Show, to be rescheduled in 2021

LAA Spring Show at the Barn, to be rescheduled in Spring 2021

LAA Gallery: Virtual Store Front open now. See Exhibits & Events

All Figure Drawing Workshops have been canceled until the Bothwell reopens. Barbara Stanton will let people know. microangelo@earthlink.net.

Paint Livermore: to be re-scheduled for Spring, 2021


The Portfolio Mailing System:

For all the years since 1984 when the three local visual arts organizations combined their separate newsletters into the Portfolio, there has been a Mailing Committee to fold, label, stamp & mail printed copies to their members and to other originations who support us. As most members acquired email, the need for a large quantity of printed Portfolios dropped, but never became totally unnecessary.

Little did we know that this virus would change so many aspects of our lives, including how we distributed the Portfolio. Acclaim Print & Copy Centers in Dublin has been very faithful in printing for several years. Like many businesses, Dan, the owner, was shut down for awhile. That’s when our PAL & LAA Membership Chairpersons narrowed our lists down and printed what copies were needed on their personal printers and mailed to the remaining members who did not have email. The “freebies” list was mostly dropped as many of the libraries, schools and supporting businesses were closed. It may be revised when things return to “normal”.

So the Portfolio is now made mostly made up from the email input from members and whipped into recognizable shape by the editor, Norma Webb. The Membership Chairs, Peter Okurowski for PAL and Diane Rodriguez for LAA, keep mailing lists and update Gene Gracy who is the go-between our organizations and Constant Contact, the mailing service who sends your copy to you on your computer. And that is what you are looking at on your screen at this very moment!

Our PAL/LAA Portfolio Mailing Committee has Retired! For several years now, every month, Gail Ruvalcaba has faithfully hosted the mailing party with members Carole Hart & Annette Mack assisting. In the March Portfolio this year, we featured a photo of the committee. We are running it here again as we say “Thanks Ladies, for your faithful service!” You have earned your golden parachutes! We won’t try to name all the members who have worked to distribute the Portfolios since 1984, but that’s a lot of volunteers and a lot of time lickin’ & stickin’!!! Thank you to all of you; you know who you are.



If you did forward something to a friend, you may be reading this now at a friend’s house or the Gallery, or some other public place, but not in your InBox. Constant Contact is a service set up for members only. PAL & LAA submit email addresses of their members to Constant Contact & that’s how our electronic version of the Portfolio is sent out, as well as reminders of meetings & shows & special bulletins. If you suspect that you have forwarded one of these messages, you have been unsubscribed! You will need to follow the rather complicated procedure to reapply! It is much easier to just not forward any of the information that comes to you from Constant Contact. If you need or want to forward a message, please contact Norma Webb or Gene Gracey to obtain the original copy.

Other Links:

Darla Bostick’s Annual Ghost Ranch Workshop/ Retreats & Multi-Media Workshop. Check the website for dates and details www.darlabostick.com.

Bothwell Arts Center offers classes for all ages in visual art, music, dance, theater. 925 447-ARTS(2757) www.bothwell.lvpac.org

A.R.T. Inc., Adobe Art Center, 20395 San Miguel Ave., Castro Valley. Demonstrations are open to everyone and are free.

A.R.T. Inc. Also Sponsors Art Space: 2:00 to 4:00 pm, first and third Saturdays of the month 20395 San Miguel Ave., Castro Valley. Redwood Painting & Drawing Studio. $5 drop in fee, pay at the door. Information: Valerie Snart, vsnart@comcast.net.

ArtistGetaway.com has a rather extensive directory of not only their own painting trips, but places to paint, shows, etc. Check them out.