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Art Circuit

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PAL Artists – Join the Circuit!

Circuit Page

Art Circuit Chairperson Usha Shukla

As a member of PAL, you are eligible to participate in PAL’s Art Circuit and display your artwork in local businesses. The Pal Art Circuit is a wonderful opportunity for artists, businesses, and the public to come together and appreciate the artwork of the Pleasanton Art League members.

Currently there are six teams in the PAL Art Circuit.  A team captain runs each team. Team captains maintain contact with team members, coordinate activities on change-out day, and communicate with the Art Circuit Chairperson. Circuit Chairperson Usha Shukla directs the PAL Art Circuit.

Artwork is hung for three months at each location. Change-out days are on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October. Each team moves its work from its current location to its new location. The Team Captain will determine how many pieces each artist on the team is allowed to hang. Each location has a specific number of pieces that can be hung and could range from six to sixteen.

If you are interested in joining the PAL Circuit or know of any businesses that would like our artwork exhibited in their location, please contact Usha Shukla at or call at 925.922.1775.

To become a member of PAL and be eligible to participate in PAL’s Art Circuit, see our Become a Member page.

If you are already a PAL member, please download the Art Circuit application, complete, and send to Usha Shukla. Please include two representative images of your artwork. 

Art Circuit Members 


Agrawal, Shweta
Barry, Karen
Bourg, Christine
Briggs, Lynda
Chuang, Wei-Ting
Cresswell, Don
Eicher, Carol Ann
Garbarino, George
Garbarino, Linda
Gavrilova, Nataliya
Huber, Jennifer
Kotadia, Rashmi
Lanham, Sharon
Mack, Annette

McEnery, Marna
Mitragotri, Meghana
Pethadiya, Maitrayi
Potter, Bill
Prasad, Rahul
Rice, Judy
Rigge, Lisa
Rigge, Ron
Shukla, Usha
Sushchik, Olga
Symonenko, Olga
Thomas, Vanessa Lee
Vaidya, Alka
Wells, Lorraine

For Businesses

PAL Provides Original Art to Hang in Your Business!


Paul Veilleux

The Pleasanton Art League is pleased to offer local businesses the opportunity to hang original fine artwork, from local artists, in their place of business. When you become a member of the Pleasanton Art League Public Art Circuit, participating artists will:

  • Deliver and hang their artwork in your place of business.
  • Label each piece of artwork with name, title, medium, price, and contact information.
  • Replace any sold artwork with comparable quality piece within five days.
  • Rotate artwork from one participating business to another every quarter.
  • Not hold participating business responsible for loss, damage, or theft of artwork.

Participating Businesses

Bank of America
Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce
777 Peters St. Pleasanton, CA
94566 (925) 846-5858

Bagel Cafe
The Bagel Street Cafe
4101-A Dublin Blvd. Dublin, CA 94568
(925) 829-5758
Bagel Cafe
The Bagel Street Cafe
6762 Bernal Ave #610 Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 426-9898
Bank of America
Sallmann, Yang, & Alameda
Certified Public Accounts A/C
7077 Koll Center Parkway Suite #183
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 426-7744
Bank of America
Bank of America
337 Main St,
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 417-2112