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PAL’s Pals 2021

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Online Show May 1 to May 31, 2021

We are proud of our talented youth and believe that their creative talents need to be recognized and showcased on a platform such as ours. 

Pleasanton Art League (PAL) is proud to present this unique art show titled “PAL’s Pals” to encourage the budding artists in our communities. They represent our future and lift the spirit of art in our community.

What is a Prospectus? Galleries, museums, and other art venues prepare a prospectus to communicate the key information about an upcoming show to artists, including specific guidelines your art must satisfy and directions on how, when, and where to submit your work. Read and follow the directions carefully. Many professional adult artists miss fantastic opportunities because they did not carefully read the prospectus.

Eligibility: This show is open to students/youth of Middle School and High School. Source material and layout of all 2-Dimensional artwork (Photography not included) must be wholly original and completed between January 2020 and present. We will be capping the event at 200 applicants.

Number of Entries: Students can enter only one piece of work.

Entry Fee: $10 for entry, payable by PayPal.

Judging & Awards: All pieces of artwork will be judged by artists in the Pleasanton Art League.

Award Categories: 

  • Middle School – Best of Show $40, five Merit Awards $20 and ribbons for five Honorable Mention Awards
  • High School – Best of Show $40, five Merit Awards $20 and ribbons for five Honorable Mention Awards
  • Every student will receive a Certificate of Participation from the Pleasanton Art League.

Online Venue: This show will be hosted on Pleasanton Art League’s website

Submission Dates: Monday, April 19 at 8:00 a.m. to Friday, April 23, 2021 at 11:45 p.m. EXTENDED!

Before you fill the Entry Form: 

As experienced Artists we are going to write directions here so that you understand exactly how to submit Art for an Art Show, whether it be this show or another venue, such as a Gallery, an Art Contest, or a Museum. This prospectus communicates the dates, sites, awards, restrictions, and guidelines, but you must prepare your art, collect the necessary information, and compose your thoughts before you begin the PAL’s Pal Entry Form.

  1. Select your best artwork for this show. The prospectus has asked for 2-dimensional work, including digital art/digitally created art (but NOT photography), acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, pastels, ink drawings, pencil drawings, and mixed media (in other words, a combination of one or more of these mediums). 
    1. You do not need to frame your artwork. We are not selling your artwork in the PAL’s Pal 2021 show. 
    2. You may want to sign your artwork before you photograph it for the show. This is your choice and is not required or expected.
  2. Photograph your artwork, without mat or frame. You can use a camera or your smartphone camera to take the picture. Try to take the picture head on, without a slant. Be sure to use good lighting. Your artwork should fill up most of the screen. 
    1. For more tips, you may want to watch videos explaining the best techniques for photographing your art presented by Heather from Mike’s Camera for the Pleasanton Art League.
  3. Resize your art to meet the Prospectus requirements. 
    1. First, crop the unwanted background from your image. This is not vital to submitting your artwork but will look more polished and professional. All photo editing applications have cropping tools.
    2. Next, PAL’s Pals 2021 requires your digital image to be exactly 1200 pixels on the longest side. You can usually change the units to “pixels” in your photo editing app under “Settings.” Enter 1200 for just one side, the longest side. 
      1. Note: Do not adjust upwards! Example: Your original image was 800 pixels on the longest side, and you changed it to 1200. Now your image will look bad: blurry and pixelated.
      2. For more tips, you may want to watch some of the explaining how to resize your images for submission on any computer application or on Photoshop.
  4. Save your image with the naming format REQUIRED by the Pleasanton Art League. This is very important: it tells the webmaster who created which piece of art. You will need to save or export your file as a .JPG or JPEG and rename it with last name_title 
    1. Example: smith_MonaLisaPastel.jpg
      (Do not use punctuation marks or special characters in naming your piece.)
  5. The Pleasanton Art League promotes individuality and creativity in their artists. Sometimes, artists look to the Internet for inspiration or try to copy a famous artist they admire. If your work is derived from another source, please give attribution (cite the artist, title, year, and medium) in the form.
    1. For example: if you created a pastel drawing of DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, you will enter: Copied from Leonardo DaVinci, Mona Lisa¸Oil Painting 1503-1506.
  6. Briefly tell us about your artwork: What inspired you? Why did you pick this piece? You may want to have your answer ready before beginning the Entry Form.
    1. For example: I assembled a mixed media piece on olive pizza, because that is my favorite food. Or I planned a landscape but this watercolor became an ocean scene and I love the final result.
  7. Have your Parent/Guardian contact information ready. We will ask for their First & Last name, Mailing Address, Email, and Phone number on the form.
  8. Read the Terms to your Parents/Guardian before you Click on the Entry Form. Let them know what you are signing up for and the guidelines the Pleasanton Art League has set.
    1. Terms: No work may be withdrawn before the end of the show. Please refrain from entering your submitted artwork(s) to other online/in-person events till May 31. PAL reserves the right to copy images for promotional purposes. Submission of entries to this exhibition shall constitute an agreement on the part of the artist to the terms and conditions of this prospectus.
  9. Prepare to Pay $10 Entry Fee. This competition costs $10.00 to enter and can be paid through PayPal. We have supplied a place on the form for the PayPal, so that we can correctly match each payment with the right student.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact me, Jennifer Huber, PAL’s Pals 2021 Chair. Please identify yourself, your school, and your grade.


Text  my Cell phone: (858) 361-5724

Entry Forms

Middle School Entry Form HERE.

High School Entry Form HERE.