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Welcome to the Pleasanton Art League

PAL & LAA’s May 2024 General Meeting

Monday, May 11, 2024 at 7:30pm

Cultural Arts Building, 4477 Black Avenue, Pleasanton

Guest Artist: Lucy Beck

“Starting with a blank canvas: Using photography to create art”

Using lightbox photography, Lucy will demonstrate how she transforms simple subjects (like flowers) into stunning art. Learn about this unique technique to use it on your favorite subjects.

About Lucy Beck – As a photographer, she creates pictures that are detailed yet light as air, often looking like watercolors. She “paints” with light, to show the remarkable beauty in the small flowers we may have in our gardens, buy at grocery stores or florists. Her portraits of individual flowers, or arrangements, show both the inherent beauty and detailed structure of the flowers and also the unique beauty of her designs, determined by how the flowers relate to each other. Whether photographing on a lightbox, or on a dark background, she uses essentially the same technique to create a painterly effect. Largely self-taught, she has taken many courses, starting with 3 day weekend courses with Harold Davis and through her local camera club, the Contra Costa Camera Club, where she is an active member and officer and the larger organization, N4C, representing 18 camera clubs. She was honored to serve as President of N4C in 2022. Lucy has presented her technique and artistry at many events including giving a workshop and presentation at FotoClave 2024. Learn more about Lucy Beck at Contact: PAL Programs Chair, Meghana Mitragotri at

This meeting is in-person only, free and open to the public.

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PAL has several open Board positions for 2024.

These include: President and Workshop Chair. We have job descriptions written up for each of these positions, including duties and the approximate amount of time each position requires each month. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact Lisa Rigge at

If you are interested in meeting more PAL members, enlarging your community of artists and friends, please reach out and contact Lisa or any other Board member whose email addresses are listed on the last page of the Portfolio.

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Come and get to know us in-person!

Meet our fun volunteers at a PAL Awareness table and get to know us. Brand new PAL brochures, information about upcoming events and membership details will be available.
Contact: PAL Membership Chair, Emelie Rogers –  

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